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organising your bathroom
Organising Your Bathroom
21 May, 2015. 0 Comments. News. Posted By: Kimberley

The most beautiful and luxurious bathroom is clean, tidy and organised. It is very easy for mess and ‘dust collectors’ to take over any bathroom. But if you follow these great tips on organising your bathroom, you too can have a beautifully luxurious TIDY bathroom that you’ll be proud to show off to guests. And you’ll love being in it!

Apparently you spend 1.5 years of your life in the bathroom, enjoy your time in there.

1. Organising your bathroom: Discard the bathroom rubbish

First order of business on your way to an organised bathroom is to throw away those items you DO NOT NEED. That old bottle of shampoo with an inch of product in the bottom? Yes, that one. Guess what? You won’t use it because you have a beautiful new coconut bottle you want to use. Throw it out!

All those half empty bottles, sample moisturser packs… either start using them today or throw them in the bin.

2. Organising your bathroom: Out of sight, out of mind

So many people fall into the habit of keeping frequently used items on top of the bathroom vanity which won’t help you in your quest of organising your bathroom. Really, the best place for them is in the cabinets and drawers. Just because you use it daily, doesn’t mean it should not be put away after each use. It really isn’t hard to open and close a drawer. Also, think of all that dust that’s settling on your toothbrush while its sitting on the vanity. Yuck.

3. Organising your bathroom: Organised bathroom storage spaces

An important step in keeping an organised, clean and tidy luxurious bathroom is to maintain neatly organised and categorised cupboards and drawers. Invest in a few attractive timber or plastic draw tidy trays. You can pick up some great products from IKEA or Howards Storage World. Opt for plain or neutral colours, this way, you can utilize them outside of the storage spaces and they will match with your seasonal décor.

4. Organising your bathroom: Bathroom dispensers and other storage solutions

Hands down, the top items which let down any tidy and freshly presented bathroom is retail packaging. This includes your shampoo and conditioner bottles, soap pump bottles, skin care products and makeup packaging. Individually they may look pretty (after all, that’s why you bought it right?) but all together its looks like an untidy and messy rainbow.

Tackle this by purchasing a set of attractive bottles and containers. You can even install a very cool looking magnetic peg board with magnetised containers (look for spice containers for your makeup). This could go on a wall or inside your bathroom cabinet.

Take the next step and buy wall-mounted automatic dispensers for your shower products (shampoo, conditioner and body wash) – the convenience is amazing AND you won’t have unsightly bottles scattered around. Two birds hey?!

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